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IU Ultimate Frisbee

Campus Celebrity: IU Ultimate Frisbee

Team Names: HoosierMama?s, HoosierDadd!es
Team Captain: Mark “Bango” Mastrangelo

Whether they’re tossing back shots, or throwing Frisbees, the IU Ultimate Frisbee team knows how to have a good time. You can find these cuties throwing discs on Range Rd (past the bypass), or at Jordan field right behind frat row. These guys work hard, and it pays off. The farthest they have gone since Captain Mark “Bango” Mastrangelo has been on the team is Regionals. In 2007, the team went to Nationals. They compete once or twice a week and practice three times a week.

HCIU: What’s your favorite part about the team?
Mark: “Everything we do for each other. It’s a community-based sport.”
He studied in Barcelona and played Ultimate there, and he became friends with a ton of people through that. All his best friends and roommates are on the team. They even take crazy spring break trips together!

Nicknames of Team Members: Slampig, Pretty Bitch, Scoreboard, Sugar & Spice



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