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A Hush Fell Over the Crowd on North Jordan Avenue: TKE Closes its Doors Until September 2021

IU’s chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon, or TKE as the Greeks know it, will shut its doors immediately and re-open when the chapter is strengthened in September of 2021.


Being the third fraternity on IU’s chapter to be closed in the last two years, many Greeks were not put at ease after this announcement. Many feared that the closure of TKE’s chapter would jeopardize the rest of Greek life at IU, including the all-Greek suspension put in place in November 2017. However, according to a quote from IFC President Jackson Laterza, the incident at TKE is an isolated incident that does not represent the Greek community at IU as a whole.


TKE will work together with IU to rework and strengthen the chapter in order to create a safer and more stabilized environment when the chapter reopens in 2021.


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