Grace Reidenbach: McNutt RA

THE BASICS:Name & Nickname: Grace, Gracie PopYear/Age: Sophomore, 20Hometown: Indianapolis, INMajor: Elementary educationExtracurricular Activities: RADream Job: Badass lawyer

FAVES:Ice Cream Flavor: MoosetracksMovie: "The Grinch"Quote: “Imperfection is Beauty," Marilyn MonroeTV Show: "Grey’s Anatomy"Study Place: My room

HCIU: What things are you involved in on campus?GR: Other than being an RA, Intramural volleyball

HCIU: What does being an RA entail?GR: Being an RA takes a special kind of person. You really have to care about other people's well being and like getting to know lots of people. You meet so many people through the staff and through your residents and it's an awesome job. You definitely have to know how to balance your job with school because that can be one of the toughest parts!

HCIU: What kind of training did you have to go through to become an RA?GR: Training was a huge part of the job, we were trained on how to deal with incidents and basically any possible thing that could happen to a resident. We had to be trained on how to react in situations of crisis and how to do administrate things like "rounds" and documentations, desk duty and programs. It's very time consuming, but well worth it!

HCIU: So far what have you gained from your experiences?GR: I would say that I have gained lots of friendships. I have met so many new people this year that I feel will be friends of mine forever.  The connections you make with this job are incredible. Also, I have gained a lot of knowledge on how to deal with/handle conflict and confrontation which I think is a skill you can apply to almost anything.  It's an all around beneficial job.

* Photos provided by Grace Reidenbach