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Get Drunk, Not Fat

It’s the never ending conflict for college girls. How to get that weekend buzz without taking in all of those pesky calories. With summer coming up no one should have to give up their weekly (or daily) margarita in order to be bikini ready. If you find that you are waking up next to an empty box of pizza every morning or are constantly begging a pledge ride to take you to McDonalds then this is the list for you.  

1. Chase Wisely: Alright so I know its hard to be picky about chaser at a frat party. After a shot of karkov I find myself in a battle to grab the nearest two liter, whatever it might be. Yet there are some real benefits of trading frat XYZ’s favorite brandless cola beverage for real fruit juice. A typical shot of vodka has about 83 calories (scary I know) so why build on that with some additional fizzy empty calories. The same goes if you’re a mixed beverage kind of girl. A double rum and coke has nearly 200 calories! Trade that in for the ever chic cran-vodka and you’ve just cut down 100 calories.

2. Dance Dance Dance: Possibly the easiest tip for any intoxicated college girl. It goes without saying that the second a Pitbull song pops up on the pregame playlist you and your best girls are going to be out there dancing the night away. A 140 pound woman will burn about 380 calories per hour of high energy dancing. Be it a frat party basement or your bff’s apartment take Lady Gaga’s advice and “Just Dance!”  

3. Do not drunk dial the local pizza place: Drunk dialing for some pizza goodness can be more dangerous than late night dialing to your ex. Yes, congress did recently decided that pizza can be considered a veggie. No, it is still not healthy for a late night snack. The average slice of pizza has 272 calories...and we all know late night eating is not limited to just one slice. Now I’m not saying cut out drunk eating completely because that’s nearly impossible. Consider Mr. Jimmy John to be your new late night buddy. Jimmy Johns is open until 3 AM, delivers throughout campus, and is at your door about 15 minutes after you call. Now that is a man I can depend on. Plus a sandwich is a fulfilling late night bite that won’t have you waking up in a state of bloat.

4. Stick to the frat boy brews: Sipping on a beer at a party has some major advantages. It  makes you look ultra cool to every guy and gives you just about the happiest buzz. Beer however has come to be known as an enemy to a healthy body. It even has its own dreaded body part (hello beer belly).

However if you stick to the frat boy favorites, basically anything with “light” in the title you should be good to go. In general the golden rule for beer is the lighter the healthier. The more watery it tastes the less cals it has. Budweiser has 145 calories and 10.6 grams of fat. Its watery counterpart Bud Light has 110 calories and 6.6 grams of fat.

5. A glass of red wine a day keeps the waistline away: Good news my fellow winos, turns out the grape goodness can help keep your weight in check. Cosmopolitan ran an article on a study that kept track of nearly 20,000 normal-weight women for 13 years. The findings showed that women who drank a glass or two of red wine a day were 30 percent less likely to be overweight than the nondrinkers. Wine also increases the good cholesterol and is good for the heart, as well as the soul of course.

6.  Check out getdrunknotfat.com: This website may just be the holy grail for any college girl. The site lists and ranks alcohol based on the amount of included alcohol percent versus calorie content. Basically the most bang for your buck. Good news heavy drinkers, Everclear came tops the list with a calorie/alcohol of nearly 19. With an alcohol percentage of 95.5% even the toughest of drinkers must use caution. Popular tequila Jose Cuervo came in at number two. In celebration throw yourself a mini fiesta, margaritas and all.

Hi all! My name is Elsa Remak. I'm a current junior at Indiana University and I'm loving every minute of the Hoosier life. My heart however lies in my hometown of Seattle. I love to write about my various embarrassing tidbits over the course of these crazy amazing years they call college!
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