Five "Must Haves" for Tailgate Season

            To successfully make it through tailgating season, you should look as stupid and spirited as possible. While some people might focus on the general essentials such as sunscreen or water bottles, I have chosen to emphasize the ridiculous gear that will make tailgating season that much more enjoyable.

  1. IU Bucket Hat
    1. I wouldn’t say that a bucket hat is anyone’s “best look”, however, that is the glory of tailgating season. Wear your IU pride on your head by buying a bright red IU bucket hat that can be seen from miles away.
  2. Cheerleading skirt
    1. Nothing says overly enthusiastic about your school like wearing a wannabe cheerleading outfit, especially the skirt. There is no doubt that you will see tons so I can’t guarantee you will be one of a kind, but it is fun to release your inner school spirit junky.
  3. Fanny pack
    1. This item will carry your most prized possessions- phone, lip gloss, sunglasses etc. Don’t let the stereotype of a fanny pack get in the way of accessorizing you’re over the top tailgating outfit- they are more useful than you think.
  4. Candy stripers
    1. If you’re a Hoosier, you own a pair of these. End of story. 
  5. Face paint/stickers
    1. Take your outfit to a whole new level by expressing yourself beyond your clothes. Decorate yourself with IU colors, your sorority/fraternity letters, or just your average sparkles.

Regardless of what you wear, tailgating season are the best months of the school year. However, in true Hoosier fashion- be over the top. 

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