Everything You Need To Know: Super Bowl Edition


Everything you need to know: Super Bowl Edition

It is coming up quick ... the Super Bowl. This is one of the biggest “holidays” in the United States so we figured we should break down the big game BEFORE it happens so you are informed of what to expect on February 3rd (and no, its not just all wings and beer - there is a game to watch!)

Who is playing?

Baltimore Ravens (purple and white) vs. the San Fransico 49’ers (gold and red)

Who are the Harbaughs?

Jim and John Harbaugh are the head coaches in the Super Bowl this year. Jim is the head coach for the 49’ers and John the Ravens. Jim is one year older than John and their father, Jack Harbaugh, coached college football. Indianapolis Colts might know Jim as a former quarterback for the team from 1994-1997. While they have this great football family, the best part is that their sister Joani, is married to Tom Crean (head IU basketball coach). This family is basically the gods of the sports world, especially with their recent success.

Main players to know:


  • Colin Kaepernick (#7): Kaepernick is the starting QB for the 49’ers. He has recently taken over the spot from Alex Smith, who was not cutting it for San Fransisco. Kaepernick wasn’t always a quarterback though. Back in 2009 he was drafted by the Chicago Cubs (pro baseball), but he chose football instead. He had big dreams to play for the NFL, and wanted to pursue them. Colin is also not your typical NFL QB…he runs A LOT, something QB’s do not usually do well. Look for #7 on the field and if he's got the ball, don't be surprised if you see him hustling down the field. 


  • Ray Lewis (#52): Ray Lewis. KNOW THIS NAME. He is the linebacker for the Ravens, and their main motivator. He was out for 10 games with a pectoral injury, most people thought he would done for his career, but he came back just in time for the playoffs. This will be Lewis’ last season, as he has been with the Ravens for his whole career (16 years). If you see an angry man yelling, it is probably him. He is a defensive monster and he will be ready to make some big plays in the Super Bowl.
  • Ray Rice (#27): Ray Rice is a running machine. He will defiantly be a counterpart to Kaepernick’s awesome skills. Rice is a running back, which means he makes big plays and scores points. Ray Lewis and Ray Rice may be confusing because they have the same first names, but if you hear either one, it's usually a good thing.


Key Vocab:

Yeah, it's like English class but if you know these words, people will take you seriously. 

End Zone: The area (usually with the team’s names) where teams score touchdowns

Touchdown: 6 points

Field Goal: 1 point

2 point conversion: 2 points when after a touchdown they run it into the end zone

Quarterback: Play leader, after he takes the snap, he controls the play by either throwing or running the ball.

Knowing these simple facts will make your Super Bowl Sunday that much better! You will want to watch the actual game, not just the commercials. It will also make you a lot more legit when you're talking football over the wings and beer. Any questions about this article or any more Super Bowl Sunday stuff? Email [email protected] or tweet her @srgurian.

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