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Confessions of a Pinterest Addict

Why is Pinterest so popular? What’s the appeal of scrolling through everything from animals to DIY home décor to PSL knockoff recipes?

Perhaps it’s the lack of complication. It’s not drama-filled, not terribly difficult to grasp, and doesn’t require constant maintenance or upkeep.

Perhaps it’s the instant gratification. Unlike Facebook, where you “like” something and move on with your life, you get to “love” or “pin” something you find interesting, and then go back and see it later. You, in a sense, make it yours with just a click of a button.

Perhaps it’s the mindless filler quality. Pinterest is an easy go-to in between classes, a gratifying distraction before a meeting, and an entertaining addition to your lunch break. It doesn’t require a set amount of time and always changes each time you come back to it. It’s a brand-new experience anytime you open the app.

For me, the addiction lies in the potential. Those crafty projects I’ll get around to when I have spare time. Those books I’ll read on my next vacation. Those recipes I’ll make when I actually have grocery money. All the potential things I can do someday. But there’s no rush, no expectation. They’re all just waiting for me to get around to them on my own time.

How much time do I spend on Pinterest in any given week? Hours. If I knew the specific number of hours, I’d probably be ashamed. But I try to think of it as hours investing in my future. I pin a lot of home décor, wedding decorations, DIY projects, and recipes. These are all things that I will do when I have a house and a wedding and a kitchen and maybe some well-needed time for myself someday.

What could I be doing instead of Pinterest? I shudder thinking of all the productive things I fail to do on daily basis. How many times have I jumped on Pinterest in a particularly boring class, or during homework time? In many ways, it’s similar to Facebook or Twitter or any other social media site. It will consume your attention if you allow it to, and five minutes will often quickly turn to fifteen (or fifty).

I’m also convinced that Pinterest contributes to my struggles with healthy eating. I mean, there are lots of boards and pins devoted to dieting and exercise. But there are at least as many (if not more) dedicated to chocolate, pumpkin pie, cinnamon rolls, and birthday cakes. Unfortunately, with a lack of both kitchen and grocery budgets, I can’t make any of these things (which is probably a good thing). So I end up substituting cheap prepackaged food to make up for the unavoidable longing (which is on the other hand a very bad thing).

Here’s my confession as a Pinterest addict and my warning to potential pinners: if you allow it to, Pinterest will take over your life. It will give you highs of joy. But it will also give you lows because there are some things you could never possibly do (I’m looking at you, ultramarathon training program). It’s like a bad relationship- first you love them, then they hurt you, then you hate them and promise to never go back again. And the next day you find yourself drawn back in because that chocolate lava cake is just too yummy to resist pinning for later.

Should you join Pinterest? Absolutely. Just don’t fall in love.


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Hi, I'm Tori! I'm a writer for Her Campus - IU, but I'm also involved in Independent Council for Women, Bloomington Community Orchard (BCO) - IU, Sierra Club Inspiring Connections Outdoors (ICO), and Real Food Challenge IU. As well, I try to be active with my church here in Bloomington, High Rock. I love love love working with kids and serving others here in the community. My priorities in life are 1) God, 2) Loved ones, 3) Academics, and 4) Pinterest. I'm not ashamed to call myself a nerd and a fearless advocate for sassy, bossy girls like me. I hate walking in the rain (and honestly, wet clothes in general) but I love the sound of thunderstorms while I write. Thanks so much for reading my stuff! I really appreciate everyone who takes the time to do that!
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