From California Beach Girl to Indiana Snow Bunny

Earlier this week I was able to have a classic childhood moment, which I was unable to have when I was actually a child. I had just returned to Indiana from Thanksgiving vacation at home in Southern California and the 80 degree weather. 
I was sitting in the Indiana Memorial Union on campus, next to a newly placed, beautifully decorated Christmas tree, drinking my coffee and listening to my music, when I got a text message from a friend in my dorm informing me that it was snowing outside. Knowing that I was from Southern California, and that I had never been able to experience living in a place with real seasons, she texted me to tell me that snow was finally here, and it made my day. 

When I looked at the text and realized what it said, I shot my head up to look out the huge windows across the room from me and low and behold, white snowflakes were falling pretty consistently from the sky. I gasped (which startled some people around me), and immediately got up to go take a pictures and a video to send to my parents. 
The first real snowfall of the season was beautiful for me. I got to walk to class while it was snowing, and when I came out of class the entire ground was covered, as well as the trees, and the lightest snow was still falling. 
Later that night I got to sit in my dorm and look out the window at the snow on the ground, the snow falling and take it all in. People who have experienced a lot of snow before are telling me that I will be “over it” within a week, and that I will just be sick of the cold and the wet and will just want the sun back. I don’t know if that will be true or not, but as of now I am taking it in and appreciating the fact that I got to enjoy my first snowfall in a place I was living. It was BEAUTIFUL.