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7 Thoughts We All Had While Watching Last Weeks Episode of The Bachelor

The ABC family smash hit The Bachelor is in full swing and already has viewers at the edge of their seats in anticipation for the episodes to come. In case you aren’t fully caught up, HCIU is recapping 7 OMG thoughts we had while watching last weeks episode.


Why the f**k does Arie always have to touch people?

There is no doubt that Arie is the most grabby of all the men in Bachelor history. I have yet to see a scene where Arie’s hands are kept to himself on a date.


Krystal is a stage 5 clinger and needs to go ASAP.

Not only is her voice cringe-worthy beyond belief, but she is also already showing signs of being overly clingy. She also has absolutely no respect for other women.


What is Bekah doing there?

She’s 22 years old. Why would a 22 year old be ready to settle down and have children with a 36 year old?


Eating bugs? Really?

Is this The Bachelor or is this Fear Factor?


Slow dances on one-on-ones are always so uncomfortable.

Didn't’t Seinne feel awkward slow dancing in front of all of those people?


Why aren’t these women wearing real hiking gear?

If these women were truly being sent out in the wilderness, their hair and clothing would not look like that. Sensibility over style, ladies.


Why is Krystal still here?

Spoiler alert: Krystal stays another week. However, next weeks teaser suggests that Krystal may run into some trouble with Arie in this weeks episode. Tune in to ABC tonight to find out what happens!


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