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5 Things “Friends” Has Taught Us About Friendship

1. People can shape you. Take Rachel Green, for example. Rachel made her debut on the show as a spoiled, sheltered, runaway bride with very little concept of reality. The others thought she was ditsy and obnoxious, holding her to low standards with no expectations that she would soon become their best friend. However, when Rachel took the plunge and left her lavish life for a humble experience of a working girl in NYC, she relied on the help of her friends. Whether it was Monica or Chandler, her friends helped shaped her into a responsible and sensible individual with a strong understanding of the importance of having an animated life. 

2. Don’t take life too seriously. No matter the severity of a situation, Chandler and Joey never fail to crack a joke. Humor makes life brighter and easier. While more often than not, Chandler is making fun of Joey’s inability to comprehend easy concepts, it always puts a smile on someone’s face. Find a friend that is willing to laugh at any situation. 

3. Find your Ross. Find someone who is willing to step in as your prom date when the original bails and constantly loves you regardless of the situation. Find someone who will bring out the best in you and will encourage you to be the best version of yourself. Put aside their nerdy, musical background or the fact that they are a paleontologist and follow your heart. 

4. Everyone should have a best friend like Phoebe. Funny and silly, yet passionate and trustworthy. Find a friend that can be your everything– your partner in crime, your rock, your light. 

5. Sitting around and talking is more memorable than it seems. Don’t be afraid to stay in with a group of friends and talk about what seems like nothing. Meaningless conversations bring people closer together than one may expect. Appreciate the times when you are all squished on a twin sized bed talking about future plans or your embarrassing past. 

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