5 Reasons Carrie Bradshaw is Actually All of Us


1. She knows how to rock a dress! Who wouldn’t want to look as fabulous as Carrie Bradshaw does on a daily basis?

2. ​Sometimes all we need is girl talk and junk food. Carrie’s daily meals with her girlfriends are serious goals. It’s the perfect time to chat and everyone leaves feeling better.

3. She won’t give up until she finds real love. Sometimes it’s hard to believe your real love is out there. Especially when you’re dealing with immature college boys. Carrie is a reminder to wait for our Mr. Big.

4. She reminds us of the important things in life. Having plenty of shoes and a place to put them!

5. Being a good cook isn’t an essential part of being a woman. I don’t think Carrie ever cooked a meal by herself in the entire show. She even uses her oven for storage.


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