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5 GIFs that Describe a Visitor’s Reaction to IU

I have worked tirelessly to try and explain the greatness of IU to people who don’t have the opportunity to experience it like I do. However, it’s difficult to sum up all the positive vibes that saturate our campus. IU embodies the true college experience– its perfection is truly unparalleled. Whether it was my mom who came for my sorority’s moms weekend or my best friend that surprised me, they both were in awe when they got to see and live the magic. Anyone with eyes will understand why IU is the best campus ever. 

Regardless of the social setting, we don’t just sit around and talk. We dance as if no one is watching. 

It’s hard to not be shocked that there’s something to do at every hour of the day. 

Once you’ve experienced the food, the weather, the darties, and the people- it’s hard to not have the best weekend ever. 

Once you come, you’ll never want to leave. 

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