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4 Tips for Wearing High Waisted Shorts

Spend five minutes on Indiana University’s campus and you’ll realize that no wardrobe is complete without the perfect pair of high waisted shorts. However, things can quickly go bad with the wrong pair. Here’s a “How To” guide on what works, when it works, and how to pull off the ever present high waisted shorts trend.

1. The Perfect Length

The sought after “perfect pair of high waisted shorts” can literally make or break the wardrobe of any collegiette. Minutes into a Saturday night on Indiana University’s campus and you too will be wondering why your closet isn’t full of Urban Outfitter crop tops and belly button high denim shorts. However, any girl can tell you that these shorts have their limits. DO: buy shorts that fit comfy-cozy right above your hipbones. DON’T: buy shorts that refuse to cover the southern hemisphere of your backside. To all you tall girls out there, I feel ya. But instead of buying the off-the-rack shorts at Forever 21 that have less fabric than a Dallas Cowboy cheerleading uniform, opt for making your own. You can’t go wrong with vintage and DIY! Head to Goodwill and buy the most retro mom-jeans available and then cut them long enough that you won’t be spending your entire night out tucking, pulling, and adjusting.

2. When High Waisted Shorts are Appropriate

When headed to the mall, out with friends, or even lounging around the house these shorts are the perfect attire. DO: dress them up with a flowy top or, as much as we hate to condone it, a crop top, as well as dressing them down with a comfy v-neck or t-shirt. DON’T: wear the same shorts to class that you would wear out to the bars. Again, the whole backside-swagside ordeal.

                           (Celebrity Ashley Madewke rockin’ high waisted denim. Photo Source)

3. Printed High Waisted Shorts

This is a trend bandwagon that every college girl should jump onto. The printed high waisted shorts are taking over. While it isn’t our beloved distressed denim, printed shorts are fun, flirty, and still have the coveted high waisted look we’re all longing for. DO: check out floral, Aztec, and even galaxy print shorts if you’re into that sort of thing. Pair them with a neutral top and you can’t go wrong. DON’T: head for the cheetah, sparkles, or striped prints. Hopefully, that tip speaks for itself.

4. Buyer Beware

The unspoken rule of high waisted shorts never talked about out loud is the biggest turn off of the trend. The final tip for high-waisted shorts: when buying, be sure to sit down in the shorts. Those things ride up like nobody’s business. If you’re in the market for a pair to wear to class, make sure you will be able to comfortably sit in those hour and a half lecture halls.

What do you think of the high waisted trend? What tips do you have for wearing high waisted shorts?

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