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Why We Don’t Need a Border Wall

As anyone with an internet connection or cable knows, President Trump has been opting for a border wall for quite some time now. This border wall will cost us an estimated $5.7 billion, and if you’re anything like me, you are probably thinking about all of the other, more productive things we could do with that much money.

For example, some of the alternatives we could be spending our money on are Medicaid for 1.4 million people, increasing federal aid to public schools, double funding for mental health, or bring more green energy such as solar panels to the country.

Trump states that the majority of the drugs coming into the United States are from Mexico when in reality they are mostly from areas inside of the country. Also, Trump is aiming to keep illegal immigrants out of our country. The fact of the matter is, approximately 65% of Mexicans living in the United States were born here.

Ali Lear

Ithaca '22

Freshman Exploratory major
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