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A Very Unusual and Unprecedented Storm Season

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Ithaca chapter.

A very unusual and unprecedented storm season has left thousands scrambling to rebuild their lives, and many others dead in parts of the United States, neighboring countries in the Caribbean and  parts of Mexico’s Gulf Coast. First, came two back-to-back category 4 hurricanes, Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, and then came Hurricane Jose, who grazed the Leeward Islands before venturing up the East Coast, pelting parts of Massachusetts and Delaware with heavy rain.

The worst was not over, however, for more storms were looming. Luck would not be on the side of those who lay in the path of Hurricanes Katia and Maria. Katia would reek havoc on Mexico’s gulf coast killing two in mudslides and Maria would devastate some of the same countries that had been hit by Irma as well as damage other countries that lay in its path that Irma had nearly just missed. Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and the Dominic Republic were among three countries that had been greatly affected by Maria. Although, Puerto Rico and The Virgin Islands had also been affected by Irma. Thus, double the damage was sustained.

In the aftermath of Irma, flooding and landslides were inevitable, a curfew was put in place, and many lost power. Maria only made things worse, for it knocked out power to the entire island of Puerto Rico for months and cut communication lines. In the Dominican Republic, Maria flattened homes, roofs were blown off and both of its airports are inoperable at present. Even as Maria continues to travel to other parts of the Caribbean such as Turks and Caicos as well as the already flooded Virgin Islands, heavy rain and flooding continues to pour down on a destroyed Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. What’s only seemingly inevitable at this point is hope, hope that many survivors can be rescued by the American Red Cross and other organizations. It will unfortunately take time for countries to rebuild their infrastructure once again; months likely.

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