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Ten Last Minute Costumes

Emoji Dancers!

A bright red dress and some curled hair, or pair of black shoes and a body suit with shorts can make a fun and fresh last-minute costume for any outing.

Zombie? Vampire? Who Cares!

Grab an old t-shirt and some friends fake blood. Make rips and tears in the old shirt, the messier the better. Slather on the fake blood all over the shirt and yourself! No one will know if you’re a killer, a vampire or a zombie but hey, at least it’s a costume! 

Mean Girls it Out

It is very simple to re-create the iconic movie’s outfits. The one that might already be in your closet is a white tank top, all you have to do is cute out some holes in the shirt and your Regina George! 



Grab any pretty and comfortable dress you own and google “princess dress colors”, it will provide all of the Disney princesses main dresses and some others. Based on the color of your dress just pick one and it’ll fit great!

What is Spookier Than Death?

Bring the Grim Reaper back to Halloween! Wear all black and a hoodie and just scare random people while you are out and about! It’s probably the most fun you’ll have during any Halloween!

Modern-Day Witch

Wear your favorite black dress or outfit and take out your houses cleaning broom and pretend it’s a flying broom.


All you need it a lot of toilet paper and black eyeshadow. Wear your favorite comfy outfit underneath the wrapped and tucked toilet paper, once it’s assembled take the black eyeshadow to make the toilet paper look older. It ends up being a super cute costume, that is very unique! Plus you’ll never run out of tissues! 


When Life Gives You Lemons

Grab and old shirt a sharpie and some lemons. Write “Life” on the old shirt with the sharpie and carry around some lemons for the rest of the night. Funny and smart!

Cute but Psycho 

An old t-shirt a sharpie and some scissors can create another creative costume. On the old shirt write “cute but psycho” any way you’d like and grab those scissors and get to cutting! The more creative slits the more believable your costume will be! And don’t stop there, get creative and add eyeshadow or fake blood on the shirt.


Bad or Boujee! 

Grab all black clothing for bad and add glamour luxurious clothing for boujee! Overall, it’s a great couples costume and very different! 


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