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Spring Cleaning: Refreshing Your Internet Addictions

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Ithaca chapter.

Let’s face it—as collegiettes, our best procrastination tool is the internet. Bouncing around on Facebook or scrolling through your Twitter feed is fun for a little while, but the real action is where the pinning and reblogging begin on Pinterest and Tumblr. Though these fan-favorites are a foolproof way to avoid reading your psych textbook, sometimes it’s good to branch out and try new, irresponsibly addictive Internet habits. Here are HCIC’s latest obsessions, guaranteed to give you something new to look at:


But wait, before you go crazy on these new and addictive sites, check out Clipix—the perfect way to organize everything you like from virtually any site on the web. Monitoring your Pinterest, Tumblr, online shopping wish lists, vacation plans, and must-read articles can be confusing and daunting when you’re handling so many different sites. By adding the Clipix bookmark bar, you can save anything at any time (gone are the days of losing that picture of your dream wedding dress or that craft you’re dying to remember to make). And it gets better; they even have features like price-drop alerts that every collegiette should take advantage of. I’m not sure what you’re waiting for—get to Clipix and set up an account! (You can even make this article your first clip.)


Do you ever see a product on Pinterest that you absolutely NEED, only to find that there’s no link to the original source? The disappointment is only comparable to finding a perfect dress on the sale rack, just to find out it was misplaced and is still full price. Wanelo (a combination of the words “want,” “need,” and “love”) eliminates this risk completely; each product is labeled with the price and is linked directly to the site where you can buy it. It features everything from Victoria’s Secret and Urban Outfitter’s garments to homemade Etsy products, and is always on trend. (My only gripe: there is way too much summer stuff trending right now. Has anyone seen the weather forecast?)


If Pinterest was a love child and Wanelo was the mom, vi.sualize would be the baby daddy. While the “women” in this dude’s life are all about shopping, vi.sualize is, well, all about visualizing. The site features super artsy photographs of everything cool you can possibly think of, and more. While some of the featured photos advertise products, they’re mostly about creative photography, typography, illustration, design, and décor. If you’re looking for some inspiration but a more subtle attack on your wallet, definitely give vi.sualize a try.

So when you’re killing time before class or lounging in the pub, give these sites a try instead of heading to your typical Pinterest or Tumblr page. But before you go crazy on vi.sualize and Wanelo, set up a Clipix account so that you’ll never lose an important link again. Now, collegiettes, go procrastinate! (Just don’t blame me when it’s finals week and you have more Clipix clips than notes from class.)

My name is Lauren Mazzo and I'm a sophomore Journalism student at Ithaca College. I have a huge sweet tooth, love to travel and am on the Ithaca College Cheerleading team. Go Bombers! Check out more about me at http://about.me/laurenmazzo
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