Sabrina Knight: Ground Up Crew Dancer

Name: Sabrina Knight

Major: Integrated Marketing and Communications

Hometown: Shrewsbury, Massachusetts

Year: Senior 

Sabrina Knight is the queen of time management. She’s participated in competitive gymnastics, the Cross-Cultural Leadership Retreat and Service Saturdays. She is also a writer for the Ithacan, founder of the club IC More Love Letters and is on the Senior Class Cabinet and the Historian and Marketing Committee. On top of all of these activities, she is a dedicated member of the Ground Up Crew, Ithaca College’s breakdancing team.


Her Campus Ithaca College: Why did you join the dance team?

Sabrina Knight: I joined it because I was inspired by watching a guy on the team dance at a conference I went to. I talked to him about joining and he said he would teach me how to break (breakdance). I thought it would be a good way to incorporate gymnastics and dance, two activities that I’ve always loved and been inspired by.

HCIC: When did you join this team?

SK: Freshman year.

HCIC: What’s your role on the team?

SK: Historian and documentarian. I am in charge of the social media for the club and documenting events and practices with photos and videos.

HCIC: What do you love most about being on the dance team?

SK: My crew, the people. I like the bonds we can make through dancing together and teaching each other new things and sharing out own individual styles.

HCIC: What has been your favorite performance so far and why?

SK: My favorite performance was the fall 2014 One World concert because it was my first performance with the crew and I loved the process of collaborating with everyone in the choreography stages and the excitement of performing it in front of a large audience was rewarding. I also like our monthly performances at Lot 10 because they inspire me and give me the opportunity to push myself to feel more comfortable improvising and trying new skills.

HCIC: What are your favorite restaurants in Ithaca?

SK: Purity, Taste of Thai and Viva.

HCIC: What advice would you give undergraduates? 

SK: Don’t be afraid of doing something you’ve never tried and always wanted to do, because you never know where it could take you and it might end up being your passion.