The Most Important Exercise To Figure Out Why You're In College

The school year has just started, and whether you are an incoming freshman or a senior; doing this cool mental exercise will help you focus on doing well and transform your time at school. 

Why I want to go to college 

The idea for this one is obvious.

It is about you, writing why you want to go to college.

Maybe it's because you want to get a good job or it’s the first time in your life you can really apply yourself and grow into who you are and who you want to be. Perhaps it's just because “My parents made me do it”. Be honest with yourself.

Try writing it down to get the junk out, and then let what’s truly keeping you here be uncovered.

You can’t really complete a long-term project with a lot of investment and get what you want out of it if you don’t know why you’re doing it. Even if the reasons really are just to please your parents; you may also discover what you’d rather be doing (like business school, technical school or union carpenter) and why you’re going along with your parents.

For me, the answers surprised me a little, and whenever I’m in a tough spot in my schooling, it is much easier to simply reflect on why I’m here and going along with it, even if I don’t look at the document.