The Most Budget-Friendly Costumes That Your Mom Can Be Proud Of

Halloween always sneaks up on me! And then its the week of, I have no idea what I'm going to dress up as and have already spent all of my spending money on food. If this sounds familiar to you keep reading for the best budget-friendly Halloween costumes that even your mom can be proud of!

  1. 1. The '90s

    Chances are your closet is already full of 90s apparel, so why not play up the look for Halloween with everything you already own?! You can even use some of your mom's clothes from way back in her closet. So put together your best space buns, bomber jacket, combat boots, and heavy eyeliner and have a blast! 

  2. 2. Rosie The Riveter

    Rosie the Riveter is so iconic and such an easy costume! Just wear a pair of solid blue jeans and pick up a denim shirt and red bandana at your local thrift shop if you don't already have one. Party City or Amazon will also sell a red bandana or denim shirt really cheap. Your mom will love an icon that worked as hard as she does!

  3. 3. Party Animals

    Grab your favorite party dress and a cute pair of animal ears and be a party animal!! You can even make them yourself! Just grab a headband, construction paper for ears and a pair of sticks if you want to be a deer with antlers. I know my mom would appreciate the pun

  4. 4. Wednesday Addams

    Wednesday Addams is another iconic character that makes for an amazing costume! Just pick up a black peter pan collar dress on Amazon for like $15 and put on black tights and shoes and put your hair in two braids and boom you're Wednesday Addams for Halloween!!

  5. 5. Something From Your Favorite TV Show

    I love the show New Girl so when it came to Halloween I knew I wanted to be something from the show. So I picked the douchebag jar. I spent about $4 on a 3XL shirt, about $.79 for hot pink poster paper, a baseball cap I already had and then nothing on monopoly money I had laying around. It was so easy to make! I just wrote "douchebag jar" on the pink poster paper and taped it and the money the shirt I bought. I paired it with a backward hat to emphasize the douchebag part. I got so many compliments on the creativity of it and it was so easy!! Dressing up for Halloween for under $5 is something my mother would love!

  6. 6. Tom Cruise From "Risky Business"

    Risky Business was a classic movie and makes for a classic costume. Grab an oversized white button-up shirt, spandex shorts and white socks for all of your floor sliding needs! I'm sure your mom loved Tom Cruise in this movie!

  7. 7. Nudist On Strike

    This costume is great, especially if you live in the north! Put on all the clothes you want and go on strike! just don't forget your protest sign! Your mom will love how bundled up you are for the cold!

  8. 8. VSCO Girl

    Maybe this isn't a costume your mom will be proud of but I feel like everyone has been talking about VSCO girls and you can be one for Halloween! Don't forget to wear all of your scrunchies, bring your hydroflask and sksksk to that party.

  9. 9. Fake News

    Fake news! Just take some old newspapers and tape them to your shirt along with the words "fake" and be the most relevant costume at the party!

  10. 10. Pineapple

    Pineapple is another amazing DIY costume! Just take a headband and some green construction paper to be the top and a big yellow T-shirt with a black permanent marker to make the grooves and bam! You'll be a tasty treat to beat!

  11. 11. Error 404

    This is a great costume if you don't want to make anything or if you want to get minimal supplies! All you need is a plain white T-shirt and a marker!

  12. 12. Deviled Egg

    This costume is so cute! All you need is a white T-shirt, yellow poster paper or felt to cut into a circle and devil horns! 

  13. 13. Tourist

    We've all seen the tacky tourist, the floral shirts, the camera the sunglasses, the hat and so much more. Maybe you've even been a tacky tourist on your last family vacation, this is your chance to do it again!

  14. 14. Lumberjack

    Lumberjack costumes couldn't be easier to grab your favorite blue jeans, flannel and pick up a pair of suspenders at your local thrift store! And then 

  15. 15. Smarties Pants

    This has to be one of the easiest costumes! Grab your button-up shirt in the back of your closet some pants and go out and buy smarties! Buying candy is essential to this costume! Then tape it to your pants (and eat the rest!!)