Mina DiFilippo: A New Member of the West Tower Community Council

Her Campus Ithaca College: What is your position on Community Council? 

Mina DiFilippo: I am the Secretary of West Tower.

HCIC: What is your job?

MDF: My job is to take minutes on the meetings, which includes attendance and keeping detailed notes on the content of the meetings. I also coordinate publicity for regular meetings and special events.


HCIC: What are you most excited for as a member of the WT Community Council?

MDF: I am most excited for being able to form a closer bond with not only the executive board but also all other residents of West Tower. I’m excited to meet new people through hosting events.

HCIC: Who are you most excited to work with?

MDF: I am most eager to work with Ronnie and our Co-Presidents, Akshan and Leighann. Ronnie is really friendly and funny, but also seems like a good person to exchange ideas with. Akshan seems to be dedicated and focused, but also very kind and understanding, and I feel that we will get along well.

HCIC: How do you feel about working with the other council members?

MDF: I am excited to work with the other council member because it seems like we have a dedicated group, who are always ready to contribute new ideas. Even if we disagree, I think our debates will spawn creative ideas that will improve West Tower for everyone.

HCIC: Can you give me any hints on anything you have in store—event wise—for the WT community?

MDF: As our Eco Rep is very passionate, I have a feeling that we will be incorporating something to do with sustainability in a future event…something that will allow everyone to be creative and take home their sustainable masterpiece!