Mid Semester, Senior Year Blues As Told By Dwight Schrute

Any time I asked people about their college experience, they'd describe it to me like this: freshman year is excitement and bliss, sophomore year is kind of irrelevant, junior year is when your classes are the hardest and you loose half of your friends, and senior year is easy as you have had three years learning how to master your classes and schedules. 

While there is some definite truth to this, if you are anything like me (a super non-type-A overachiever), you failed to weed out your priorities completely by your senior year, and have given yourself far too many responsibilities to lay back and take in the "ease" that was suppose to be your last two semesters. 

While I understand this is not a universal problem, I do find that at least some of my waves of emotion and stress and lethargy are relatable to other people, so I will continue to explain my senior year blues through, what might be the greatest comedic television experience of the 21st century: The Office. 

Disguising yourself as a functional human being 

Having your point well received even though you definitely didn't do the reading

When a professor or peer tells you that you're doing good work even though you don't believe them

Scaring the freshman in your 100 level classes with your healthy dose of cynicism 

When you start to think about graduation...

...five minutes later still thinking about graduation




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