Meet Ithaca's Greatest Dogs

This year’s Ithaca Dog Fest was a great day for the canines to play around in the sun, as their owners chased them through the Alan Treman State Marine Park. It was a picturesque sight, happy dogs running wildly with their tongues out and happy humans sitting on the grass, enjoying the occasional dog that decided to stop for a pet. To give you a feel of the wonderful festivity hosted by the Humane Society of Schuyler County, we asked a few owners to introduce us to their canine companions. Meet Ithaca’s greatest dogs!

Meet Sophie

Photo By Stephen Nunley

Sophie was Pam’s best Christmas present. They’ve been together for over seven years, and they love every minute they spend together. “She’s so sweet,” Pam says. “I wouldn’t change her for the world."


Meet Echo and Buddy

Photo By Stephen Nunley

The golden pit mix is Buddy and we caught him bullying his little brother, Echo, on camera.  “We’ve had Echo for two weeks, and they’ve already bonded” say Sady and Brandon, the proud owners. “although if you can tell, Buddy is still a little jealous.”


Meet Zeb

Photo By Stephen Nunley

Zeb and his owner Jeb have been together for a while, “I think that for about twelve years,” says Jeb. In those years, Zeb’s been a great companion. “He’s just himself,” Jeb says. “That’s what he does so right.”


Meet Ernie

Photo By Stephen Nunley

This fashionable fellow over here is Ernie, with his owner Josh. Ernie is as popular as he is photogenic, “this one’s a social butterfly, he loves the attention,” says Josh. Ernie keeps trying to go back to his friends and Josh just laughs. “I’m glad he’s having fun,” he says, “he sliced an artery on his foot last winter, and hasn’t been able to do much while he recovers. This is the first time in months he’s outside, being his old self.”


Meet Izzy


Photo By Stephen Nunley​

This happy redhead over here is Izzy, with her owner Katie. They’ve been together for a year since Katie and her partner adopted her. “She’s a mystery mut,” says Katie. “We don’t know what she is, but If I had to guess, I’d say she’s a cross between cute and adorable. Just the perfect mix of everything.”


Meet Mumo

Photo By Stephen Nunley​​

Just look at Mumo’s blissful expression! It says it all, “she knows she’s our baby” says Monika, the owner. Monika and her partner Chase got Mumo four years ago through Bullies and Buddies, an organization dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and finding loving homes for bulldogs in Southern California. “I just hope that people can see how sweet our Mumo is,” says Monika, “and that bullies are nothing to be afraid of.”


Meet Cona

Photo By Stephen Nunley​​

Meet Cona, the best babysitter in Tompkins County! “He’s amazing with kids,” says his owner, Andrew. The australian kennel dog was adopted five years ago, through the local SPCA, and has been a wonderful addition to the family. “He helps us take care of out kids, he plays with them and feeds their curiosity,” says Andrew. “We couldn’t ask for more.”


Meet Lulu

Photo By Stephen Nunley​​

This is Lulu, star of her own instagram account @lulu_licks and of Natalie and Allyson’s lives. “She’s our favorite fur ball,” they say, laughing. Both agree that Lulu has been their biggest blessing in the four years they’ve had her.


Meet Fili

Photo By Stephen Nunley​​

Fili here is a little moody because he’s being forced to take a picture instead of going into the dog park, where everyone’s having fun. “He’s willful, this one right here,” says his owner, Hannah. “He knows he’s bigger than me now, so he thinks he makes all the rules.” She sighs, “If only he wasn’t so cute.”


Meet Sully, Chubby, Keisha

Photo By Stephen Nunley​​

This fluffy trio sits very comfortably in the grass, next to their owner, Becky. They’re all part of Keeshond Affiliated Rescuers of the Mid Atlantic, or KARMA for short, and they dedicate their time to rescuing other Keeshonds. “They’re just the sweetest things,” says Becky, “It’s my hope that we can do great things for them in the organization.”


Meet Logan

Photo By Stephen Nunley​​

This big boy right here is Logan, with his owner Nate. They've been together for over seven years. “When I first adopted him,” Nate remember fondly, “He was barely the size of my arm. Now I can barely even hold  him!” Some things never change though, Logan still loves booty rubs!


Meet Bellini

Photo By Stephen Nunley​​

This is Bellini Briere-Ange, or simply Bellini for short. Bellini looks so unique, because she’s breed of pug, shih tzu and poodle, her owner, Jeffery, tells. In truth, her amazing sense of style and those lovely canines contribute to her captivating look. Especially her canines, “I know a lot of dog owners will tell you that their dog smiles, but Bellini really does,” Jeffrey says. Although Bellini hasn’t been smiling all that much, she lost her sister three weeks ago. “We wanted to bring her so she could distract herself, I’m happy, she’s been smiling all day.”