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Lynzi’s Five: Valentine’s Day Gifts For Guys

Chocolate, hugs, flowers, anything found on Etsy, PUPPIES; us gals are super easy to please on Valentine’s Day, whether guys like to admit it or not. But on such a sappy, Hallmark-holiday, what pleases our boy-toys? Since, obviously, not the same things please us, here’s a little list of things you can do for your guy that will leave him actually appreciating the holiday.

1. A Flip-Deck
Make a flip-book of reasons you’re into your boy with a deck of cards! I actually tried this craft out last year for mine, and he absolutely loved it (not to mention I had an absurd amount of fun making it; pictured below). An even deck of cards will give you 52 opportunities to tell him why he’s the greatest. Fair warning: if you’re not the crafty type, I’d steer clear of this. It involves a lot of cutting and pasting, but if you don’t mind that then give it a go! Type up your 52 reasons, which can be super simple or can even be some inside jokes only you and your beau understand. Paste some pictures, hole punch and add ribbon and voila! You’ve got yourself a little flip-deck that he can whip out on days he misses you.

2. Food: The Way To Your Man’s Heart
Well you already know that you make your man the happiest he can be, but you making him delicious grub? Jackpot. These heart-shaped calzones are an amazing find. Now if you’re like me, you’re no Betty Crocker. However this recipe makes it a little easier to create this goodie! If you have the access to a cooking environment, this is the way to go. So give it a try and I can assure you that he will not only love how delicious it is, but he’ll appreciate you’re Rachael Ray creativity too J.

3. Personalize it
This is pretty much a can’t-go-wrong gift. Take anything he’s interested in and make it his own. Avid sports fan? Get him a jersey of his favorite sports team with HIS name and number on the back. Play guitar? Get him a pick that’s engraved with his name and maybe some lyrics. Likes to workout? Hit up nikeID.com and brand him some fresh kicks with some cool colors. I’m telling you, give him anything that’s personalized just for him and he may get down on a knee and propose right there. It’s a gift he’s sure to love.

4. Be[er] Mine
Hey all you 21+ gals, this Valentine’s Day, don’t overlook the simplicity of a six-pack- of beer, that is. Give your guy his favorite brew! To shake it up a little, make your own personal labels and stick them over the original ones on the bottles. So instead of your man seeing Sam Adams staring back at him, make it a picture of you guys and something the two of you always say. He can enjoy your six-pack, and then you can enjoy his (had to say it).

5. Opposite Day
Bring back the vintage, middle school “opposite day” and share an anti-Valentine’s night with your beau. Instead of getting all dolled up and going to a fancy restaurant only to wait for a table and to observe other couples canoodle each other over their salmon soufflé, pull out those sweats and blankets. Order some Chinese food for the two of you, make some popcorn and cheers with some delicious drink. Hold off on The Notebook for the ninth straight Valentine’s Day and pop in a mind-blowing action thriller: Inception, The Hunger Games, etc. Having a laidback night just with you, your man, and some delicious Capital Corner cuisine may be just what your VDAY needs. Okay, fine, you can add some candles for romantic effect. Hey, the whole point of this holiday is to spend some quality time with the one you love, right?

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