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Leonard Slutsky

Leonard Slutsky is this week’s Campus Celebrity for being the go to guy for everything Ithaca College!
Year: Freshman
Major: Integrated Marketing Communications
Hometown: Glastonbury, CT
Extra-Curricular Activities:
            ICTV Shows- Leave The Light On With Dave (Guest Coordinator), Fake Out (Liar Panelist).
            Clubs & Organizations- Take Back the Tap (Co-Founder), IC Admissions Ambassador Program (Student Ambassador), Classroom Hosting at Ithaca (Host), American Advertising Federation/Park AdVenue (Member), and IC After Dark (Volunteer).
HC: Why did you choose to attend IC?
LS: For three reasons, first being the academic programs, Ithaca offers strong programs in both business and communications. Second was the location, there is always something to do on- and off-campus, whether it is an event sponsored by IC After Dark, a show in Dillingham, or an event in the Commons. And lastly I conducted the Cafeteria Test. Whenever I visited a school, I would sit in the dining hall to get a feel for the campus vibe. I asked myself, “Are people sitting alone or in groups? Do the students seem happy, sad, or stressed?” Ithaca College students seemed (and are) genuinely happy, friendly, and easy going.
HC: Why are you involved in the above extra-curriculars?
LS: During high school, I was involved with a similar water advocacy project. This past summer, I audited an IC online course called “Water = Life,” which took a social, political, and cultural look at water. Following the course, the participants and instructor decided to form a campus chapter of Take Back The Tap. Also during high school, I helped produce a weekly public access television program. I love television- I love the energy and excitement of working in a TV studio. Some people are athletes other people are thespians. I’m into student organizations. I like working with others to make things happen. I wouldn’t put as much time into these student organizations as I do if I didn’t enjoy doing it.
HC: Do you have any on-campus jobs?
LS:Yes, I’m a President’s Host Tour Guide, I give tours to visiting students and families, mingle with visitors, and build connections on IC Peers. I also have a job on the Operations Staff where I answer questions at the Information Desk, distribute equipment at the Recreation Center, and set up Campus Center spaces for special events. Also I’m an Assistant in the Office of Marketing Communications where I’m working on developing the NYSACAC 2012 website.
HC: What is your favorite part of Ithaca College?
LS:One of my favorite parts about Ithaca College is that it is a residential college (not a suitcase school). This gives the campus a positive vibe. Team projects encompass a large part of my major, so having people nearby is conducive to the educational process.
HC:You are infamous among the Class of 2015 for being the man with all the IC knowledge. How did you educate yourself and what motivated you to share this knowledge with your fellow classmates?
LS: I consider myself a curious person. If I have a question, I like to do research to find an answer. You could call me an information junkie- I try to stay abreast of Ithaca College news by reading Intercom, following student organizations across social media, and reading The Ithacan. Also, I am pretty familiar with the Ithaca College website. I consider myself a connector. Usually I do not know the answer, but I know how to find it or know someone who would might know the answer. I enjoy helping others and sharing information…what good is knowledge if not shared?
HC:What’s your favorite thing to do off campus?
LS: My favorite thing to do off campus is explore the City of Ithaca…there are so many unique places, events, and people.
HC:What is your plan after you graduate?
LS:I hope to take the next four years to explore different opportunities in the integrated marketing communications field. Right now, I would like to work in brand management for a major corporation.
HC:What advice would you give to other students entering IC?
LS: To get involved and find your niche, whether it is with a student organization or athletic team. Also to ask questions, people are generally willing to help, you just have to ask. And last, try something new, Ithaca College is a safe community. Try a new food, attend an indie film screening… who knows, you might like it.

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