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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Ithaca chapter.

Last week, the internet was abuzz with the rumor that Doritos was coming out with a version of its chips marketed towards women. The so-called “Lady Doritos” would have less cheese dust, keeping hands clean, and would be less crunchy so ladies could eat them without being self-conscious about the sound. PepsiCo, owner of Doritos, denied the story, but that didn’t stop it from going viral and generating endless slams and jokes about how patronizing the idea was. However, Doritos got a lot of free publicity from the ordeal, so as a student of marketing, I decided to come up with some ideas and mockups of lady-minded snacks for other brands to cash in on, free of charge.

Hot Pockets

New pockets are too small to actually hold anything



Now mansplains popcorn to you



2/3 the size of a regular Payday


NECCO Sweethearts

with quotes girls say to each other in the bathroom of the bar



A basic necessity that they made pink and marked up 200%


Sour Patch Kids

You have to take care of the Kids with no paid time off and no affordable child care



Instead of Snapple Facts, the cap now tells you to smile :)



Joanna is a senior Applied Psychology major at Ithaca College from Rochester, NY.