The End of the F***ing World Lives up to the Hype

The End of the F***ing World is Netflix’s latest original series to catch people’s attention and for good reason. TEotFW is packed full of drama, action and even some romance. Listen to your friends and binge this show ASAP.

James thinks that he might be a psychopath. Alyssa has a hard time staying out of trouble and keeping her mouth shut. The pair make an interesting couple…mostly because James thinks that Alyssa would be interesting to kill. Before he gets the chance, the two British teens decide to run away from their drab lives.

Of course, two teens can’t just steal a car and start a new life without having any problems. James and Alyssa didn’t plan their escape very well and end up on a crime spree that spirals out of control. The pair struggle to survive on their journey, but like any other coming-of-age story, they find themselves along the way.

While this show is widely liked, it certainly isn’t for everyone. Multiple episodes feature blood, violence and sexual assault. People that can be triggered or upset by any of these things might want to skip this show and watch something lighter instead. Also, the show features a couple of animal deaths as well. The scenes aren’t graphic, but can still be upsetting. If you’re worried about any of this and still want to watch, ask a friend or look online for parts you should skip.  

There is only one season of TEotFW out currently, but there are rumors of a possible second season. The show ends on an aggravating cliffhanger, so a second season definitely would make sense (and ease our frustration). For now, we’ll just have to live with the eight episodes that Netflix gifted us.

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