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Devastation from Northern California Wildfires Persists

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Ithaca chapter.

The wildfires that broke out across Northern California earlier this month have caused an estimated $1 billion in damage and have destroyed nearly 7,000 homes and buildings, ABC 7 reports. While the monetary damage faced in the aftermath of the blaze is harrowing, the personal losses residents of Sonoma and surrounding counties face are far more devastating. The death toll for this tragedy has risen to 42 and tens of thousands of people remain displaced or evacuated from their homes.

In the face of this misfortune, however, relief efforts on many fronts strive to aid the affected individuals and areas. California Governor Jerry Brown issued an executive order late on Oct. 18 to bolster recovery efforts by allowing expedited hiring for additional emergency and recovery personnel, maintaining facilities operated by the state Department of Public Health aimed at providing crucial services to those caught in the cross-fire, and aiding displaced individuals seeking new housing accommodations.

While support from government officials and first responders is crucial to recovering from these devastating wildfires, the hundreds of thousands of Californians affected by this tragedy require help from their fellow Americans to fully bounce back from these losses. The Napa Valley Community Disaster Relief Fund is accepting donations that will go towards community rehabilitation and providing aid to those most significantly affected. To help the many furry friends affected by the blaze, donate to the Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch or the Napa Community Animal Response Team.

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