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Puppy Hand Fun Ring Summer Hapy Original
Puppy Hand Fun Ring Summer Hapy Original
Charlotte Reader / Her Campus
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Ithaca chapter.

Looking at cute animal pictures is honestly the easiest way to brighten a bad day. 


Red Panda

I may be biased because they are my favorite but red pandas are truly the best animal. So cute and full of personality.



Leopards are so cute when they are babies but when they get older watch out because they can be deadly.  



If you really want to brighten your day watch a video of otters holding hands. It’s so adorable the way they float together. The only thing cuter may be a mother otter with her baby on her chest. 


Highland Cow

After visiting Scotland this past year I fell in love with Highland Cows. They are just so fluffy and adorable. I wish I could have taken one home with me.  



Sleeping and eating all day sounds great to me. I feel like Koalas are so many peoples lazy spirit animal. So cute and lovable! 

Victoria is a senior Emerging Media major with minors in Sociology and Women's and Gender Studies at Ithaca College with aspirations to go into business (maybe be a CEO one day). She loves to read a good YA fantasy book (Slytherin forever) or watch great TV shows. She is passionate about traveling, music, and reading.
Allaire is an inquisitive and confident lady who loves to watch reruns of her favorite shows (Bones anyone?) and enjoy the finer things in life like sand in between her toes, the sun on her skin and chocolate ice cream. Allaire is a senior Sociology major and Women and Gender Studies minor with aspirations to be a human rights lawyer and a songwriter. She is passionate about music, traveling and social justice.