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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Ithaca chapter.

No longer Class of 2016, I just renewed my freshmen license. With it, I am at liberty to pose excessive questions, get lost, be late, and receive much-needed advice. Being a small town Indiana native, I rejoice when suggestions come my way, whether it’s the best place to quench that ice cream craving or where to get lost in the outdoors. This fall I have much to learn and explore in Ithaca. Informed by upperclassmen’s recommendations, here’s my Ithaca Fall Bucket List (Freshmen Edition):

Ithaca’s Farmers Market 

A trip to Ithaca would be incomplete without venturing to the Farmer’s Market. Whether you’re a foodie or just want a truly Ithaca experience, vendors offer an eclectic array of foods and art with choices suitable for anyone. The Farmer’s Market is a must-see for all new IC students or any visitors​.


Ithaca Commons 


Most students frequent the Commons while at Ithaca. Endless activities are waiting around every corner. Music, dancing, bookshops, thrift stores, and oh did I mention the restaurants? Waffle Frolic, Ithaca Alehouse, Viva Taqueria, and Collegetown Bagels seem to be the crowd favorites, and it is my best intention to try them all.

The Gorges 

Ithaca’s staple characteristic remains its beautiful gorges, as the common phrase goes “Ithaca is gorges” after all. First and Second Damn maintain high attendance rates by IC and Cornell students, but they do not even begin to unearth all the outdoor possibilities in Ithaca like Buttermilk and Taughanock Falls. Before the winter complicates travel, the gorges rate high on my bucket list.​ 


Apple Fest 


Fall in Ithaca is synonymous with Apple Fest. The staple event of the season, Apple Fest, celebrates the many ways to enjoy this seasonal fruit: apple pies, apple butter, apple cider, and the list continues. Not to mention, a variety of vendors selling unique art, jewelry, and more. Many consider this a cannot miss event.​

Music and Art 

Music echoes through the streets both downtown and on campus; art decorates every corner. Such details only begin to uncover the breathtaking world of music and art living in Ithaca. Both on and off campus host an extensive amount of opportunities. Ithaca College’s Gannett Center overflows with artwork; the A Capella groups routinely perform sets on campus; Ithaca Underground concerts demystify unknown singers, and you never know when a gallery will be on display downtown. The options are endless and always changing.


Each day at Ithaca ends with the sun setting softly over the lake, always promising a beautiful goodnight. No matter what the day unleashed, Ithaca puts it all in perspective with the serenity of the sunsets. This charming quality will be something I call upon when the days seem unbearable or unfinishable. Freshmen year will yield high and low moments, but the sunsets always reveal tomorrow is a new day full of opportunity.​