Candy Buttons Might Disappear

Necco is reportedly going out of business and taking Necco Wafers, which are basically Tums without any sort of health benefits, with them. Apparently, those little chalk-discs have a ton of diehard fans that are freaking out and trying to save the company. As someone who always threw away the little packs of fake Tums whenever I had the misfortune of finding them in my Halloween bag, I do not understand why people are trying so hard to save Necco Wafers. Necco makes other candy, but none that are very popular. They do make Sweethearts, but fret not chalk lovers, other candy companies make candy hearts. However, Necco is the only company that makes Candy Buttons, and that is a major problem.

For those of you who don't know, Candy Buttons are those colorful dots that come on strips of paper. The dots are pink, yellow and blue and flavored cherry, lemon and lime, respectively. You have to pick the dots off of the paper to actually eat them, and even though it's time-consuming, it's part of the fun. Sure, you end up eating some of the paper, but the sweet candies make it totally worth it. Plus, peeling one off without getting any paper stuck to it is so satisfying. Candy Buttons aren't typically found near cash registers at grocery stores, but you can find them around, especially in stores that sell old-timey candy. 

Candy Buttons probably aren't your go-to candy, but they definitely don't deserve to go. I don't understand why people aren't bothered by the possibility of Candy Buttons disappearing. At the very least, people should be more upset about this than they are about Necco Wafers! If you can't remember what Candy Buttons taste like, do yourself a favor and pick up a package and you'll know why I'm upset. Instead of stocking up on Necco Wafers, I'm going to be stocking up on Candy Buttons.