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Campus Cutie: Amanda Emmer

Name: Amanda Emmer

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Ramsey, New Jersey

Major: Integrated Marketing and Communications

Minor: Legal Studies

Relationship Status: Single

Age: 19

Instagram: @Wintergirly5

When did you start working for the WICB radio station?:

“Freshman year, first semester.”


Do you still work at the radio station?:

“Not anymore. I could not continue my regular shift of DJing from 2 am to 4 am on Friday mornings.” 


What were your positions at WICB?: 

“I was part of the promotions team where I thought of ways to promote the system. I also DJayed for the station, I had talk shows, played music, and reported weather.”


How did you get this position at WICB?:

“I applied for the promotions team and I had to audition for the DJ job. I also had to take a test on my knowledge of the radio equipment and procedures for being a DJ.”


What got you interested in DJaying?:

“I love listening, playing, and promoting music. I wanted to do my own talk show and speak my mind. I wanted to give involved in communications and I had fun.”


Do you have a favorite DJ or artist?:

“My favorites are T-Pain, Fall Out Boy, Zedd, Paramore, Time Flies, and Somo. Taylor Swift is also pretty chill.”


Favorite season in Ithaca?:

“Winter. I like winter because I like the snow and I like to ski. And the cold never bothered me anyway.”


Most embarrassing moment?:

“Sophomore year of high school, I went to my friend’s high school on Halloween so I could shadow her, but really I just wanted to visit her. I went dressed as Tinkerbell and the principal of their school had to check me in and he said, ‘What do you think this is. Absolutely not. You have to leave.’”


Best piece of advice for freshmen?:

“I will tell you how to survive freshman year with this quote by Dr. Seuss: ‘Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind do not matter and those who matter do no mind.’”


Favorite thing to do on campus?:

“I love going to the gym and chilling by the fountain.”




Carolyn loves anime, breakdancing, and animals. She enjoys making people smile and eating banh mi. Optimism and empathy are important qualities to her and she believes travelling is good for the heart.
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