Best Ways to Battle a Fall Cold

Fall is a favorite season among many and for good reason. The stifling summer heat has all but dissipated, leaving a refreshing yet crisp chill in the air. Trees have metamorphosed into beautiful displays of red, orange and yellow, and perfectly crunchy leaves line the sidewalk just begging to be satisfyingly stepped on by boot clad feet. People take advantage of the last weeks of endurable weather before winter sends everyone into hibernation, and spend their days in apple orchards, pumpkin patches and farmers’ markets across town. With all of these idyllic autumnal activities, unfortunately, often comes the dreaded Fall Fever. Especially for us college students, the falling of leaves often marks the point of a similar fall in our immune systems as the stress of the newly started academic year begins to take its toll. Lack of sleep and engagement in less than healthy behaviors can often leave busy students sniffling and sluggish through this otherwise incredibly enjoyable season! Have no fear, however, as below you can find a list of tried and true ways to combat that seemingly inevitable fall cold.

1, Prevention

The first step in fighting those autumn sniffles is to protect yourself from being infected all together. Listening to age old advice like diligently washing your hands, getting enough sleep and avoid excessive contact with people who are already sick are good ways to prevent a cold of your own. As an added precaution, I like to drink an Emergen-C or Airborne when I feel the first signs of an infection coming on, as it gives my immune system that extra boost it needs to keep me healthy and on top of my game.

2. Rest and Relaxation

If you’re already nursing a full-blown fall cold, one of the most important things you can do to get well quicker is give yourself plenty of time to rest. The crisp weather pairs well with curling up on the couch with a good book or snuggling in bed with your favorite blanket for a good night’s sleep. This can be tricky if you’re also juggling a full academic schedule, but will be worth it in the long run when you’re on the fast track to recovery, and who doesn’t love a good excuse for a Netflix marathon?

3. Tea Time

One of the worst parts of catching a fall cold is the sore throat that often comes with it. I like to soothe this symptom with a nice mug of hot tea! Yogi brand’s honey lemon Throat Comfort is always my go to. I also tend to reach for green tea with a little squeeze of lemon juice when I’m not feeling well, as I feel the dose of powerful antioxidants always helps boost my recovery.

4. Scrumptious Soups

When battling a scratchy throat and just feeling generally under the weather, a nice bowl of soup is often just what you need to lift your spirits! While chicken noodle is often the go-to healing soup, taking advantage of some of the fresh fall produce is a good way to change up your favorite chilly weather comfort food. Various pumpkins and squash are perfectly in season during the fall, making them a great base for many soups and stews. Or, try adding carrots or sweet potatoes for some hearty flavor. These veggies aren’t only delicious, but also pack a nutritional punch that should have you feeling better in no time!

5. And when all else fails…Nyquil

While natural remedies definitely have their benefit, sometimes all you can do to kick a case of the sniffles is pump your bloodstream full of some bug fighting medicine. For me, Nyquil or Dayquil always does the trick to alleviate some of my coughing and congestion, or help me out with getting that ever important good night’s sleep!

No matter what your favorite cold remedies are, it’s important to stay healthy in the coming months so you can enjoy fall for all it's worth! 

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