5 Simple DIY Costumes

1. Identity Theft

Want to go the Jim Halpert route? All you need are several “Hello my name is” stickers to put on your shirt and write some various names on them. If you want to spice this one up a little, wear a hooded sweatshirt with the nametags on it and either dark sunglasses or a makeshift robber’s mask.

2. Rosie the Riveter

A classic icon such as Rosie the Riveter makes for an empowering costume. It only requires a red bandana and either a denim jumpsuit or same colored denim shirt and jeans. Black or brown boots complete the look.

3. The Plastics

Will Mean Girls ever go out of style? I hope not. For this group costume idea, everyone has to wear pink and correspond their look with Cady, Karen, Gretchen or Regina. Add or subtract characters as you please. Alternatively, Janis and Damian would make a great pair as well.

4. Adam and Eve

If you’re feeling a little risqué this Halloween, this option is a great choice. You and your partner will need, at the very least, real or fake leaves to cover your private areas and an apple to serve as the forbidden fruit. To avoid indecent exposure, glue the leaves on nude t-shirts and shorts in the proper areas. You can also wear leaf halos. Adam and Adam or Eve and Eve are also wonderful options for this costume.

5. Miranda Sings

Miranda is a well-known YouTube character with a distinct style. She frequently wears a long-sleeve striped dress shirt, red sweatpants and a pair of pink Crocs. Her overdrawn red lips are her signature so don't forget that! Miranda also often wears her hair in a middle part pinned back with bobby pins.

Happy Halloween!!!