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5 Inspiring Movies for College Women

With midterms having just passed, most of us are feeling pretty beaten. Here are five motivating films every college girl should watch to inspire you to finish the rest of the semester strong!

1. Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde is a film about a young woman motivated by her breakup to get into law school and prove her ex wrong. Elle Woods is a feminist role model as she completely devotes her time to making herself better without taking down other women. While some try to take her down instead, she continues trying to do her best as well as help out her fellow girls.


2. Clueless

Do you think we'd have an inspirational movie list without this modern adaptation of Austen’s Emma? UGH- AS IF! This film shows Cher at her best and her worst. Through her struggles, Cher realizes what she really wants in life and the importance of friendships. What could be more inspiring than that?


3. 13 Going on 30

After 13-year-old Jenna wishes she were “thirty, flirty, and thriving,” she wakes up as a 30 year old living in New York City with an amazing job. Jenna realizes that maybe she hasn’t grown up into the nicest person, remedies that and shows that it’s never too late to change. After watching this you’ll be wishing Mark Ruffalo was feeding you Razzles as you write your next term paper.


4. An Education

“I feel old, but not very wise.” This line has stuck with me since I first saw this film my junior year of high school. This film shows a high school senior embarking on an inappropriate relationship with an older man. Through this experience, she finds who she really is through their tumultuous relationship and learns some important lessons along the way.


5. Frances Ha

This is a film for when you’re feeling lost in your life. Frances has to deal with a lot in her own life and the changes that are a part of it. Watching her experiences in this hour and a half really makes you appreciate what you have in your life. Your own friendships and relationships become so much more prominent and meaningful after watching this film.


These are just five films that I love and adore when I need inspiration. What are your five films?


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