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Carly, the Homecoming Enthusiast

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Iowa State chapter.

The 2013 fall semester is in full swing as Iowa State students are making their game day dresses, debuting their Cyclone spirit jerseys, and taking the first wave of tests. As the leaves begin to change and fall creeps among us, the only thing on a true “Iowa Stater’s” mind is Homecoming. Homecoming would be nothing without our celebrity of the week, one of the Homecoming Central Co-Chairs, Carly Taylor.

Carly got involved with Homecoming right away when she came to Iowa State. Through the Greek community, she participated in Yell Like Hell and fell in love with lawn display. From there, Carly’s Homecoming passion turned into an obsession. She chose to apply for Homecoming Central Committee, and after a two-night interview process, Carly was selected to be one of the twenty-seven on the CYtennial Committee.

Carly’s experience throughout the CYtennial season was so rewarding that she decided to apply for General Co-Chair of the Homecoming Central Committee and the rest is history.

When asked what her favorite part of Homecoming is, Carly can’t pick just one. To sum it up, Carly said, “I love the loyalty for Iowa State that is shown through Homecoming. It brings Alumni home to celebrate a school they love and intensifies the involvement and excitement of those still on campus. I also love all of the long-standing traditions. After 101 years of Homecoming celebrations, Iowa State has been able to keep a lot of long standing traditions going strong.”

Carly’s most rewarding experience with Homecoming has been standing on the field at Jack Trice stadium last year prior to the CYtennial Homecoming game. It was a powerful experience standing on the field getting introduced in front of everyone and representing the Homecoming Central Committee. At that moment, all Carly could think was, “Wow, all of the hard work has paid off and it couldn’t have been better.” As a part of the Homecoming Central Committee, you eat, sleep, and breathe Homecoming for weeks if not months. “It was so rewarding to know that so much was accomplished and that a committee of passionate people kept the Homecoming traditions alive.”

Carly advises that one new event students should get excited for is the “Ames Live! With Color” 5K. For the first time this year, Iowa State will be putting on their very own version of the nationwide craze known as the “Color Run.” Homecoming Central is expecting a large number of participants for this highly anticipated way to show some school spirit.

Another event for students to put on their ISU bucket list is the Homecoming Pep Rally the Friday night of Homecoming Week. The pride and love for Iowa State is tangible at this Pep Rally. Students and Alumnae come together to watch Yell Like Hell finals, hear from coaches and student athletes and meet the Homecoming Cardinal Court. After the Pep Rally, crowds of people head to Greekland to watch Lawn Display presentations and eventually make their way to Central Campus for the mass campaniling.

If you are looking to get involved with Homecoming, take some advice from the Homecoming Central Co-Chair herself: there are many ways to get involved with Homecoming as a whole! We put on events that can cater to anyone’s interests. There is food on campus, the Homecoming 5K “Ames Live! With Color”, various campus involvement events, and many other opportunities! Becoming a member of Cysquad is another way to get involved. Cysquad is a group of people who help out our committee with different things and further help the homecoming celebrations run smoothly.

Follow the Iowa State Homecoming General Co-Chairs on Facebook at “Iowa State Homecoming” for everything Homecoming! This is the direct connection to what will be going on with locations and other fun Homecoming things.