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The Writer and The Writer

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Inter SG chapter.

Does the writer produce the writing? Or does the writing produce the writer persona? This is a question that does not aim to introduce a puzzling dichotomy that would make the matter more “philosophical” that it already needs to be. But, as an aspiring writer or insatiable reader, have you wondered about the dynamics behind the “Writer” title? Who is she that carries the Word?

There is this notion, this mystification of the writing persona that precedes her even before the Word has been read. Meaning that, on the account of having produced a work of literature, the Writer will be considered a valued member of society or an exalted figure. And in this effect, there is a dilemma waiting to surface.

Is “Writer” more a social title or one to do solely with the writing profession?

For purposes of this paper, I will refer to as Writer, to whose conscious efforts are driven by the writing process and, writer, to whose conscious efforts are driven by social rewards. But before we jump into experienced based or what you might consider a “biased” opinion, it would be fair to clarify that a Writer can have an inclination towards social rewards and a writer can be driven by the writing itself, the difference, however, is in the degree into which these elements play in the role of writing.

The Writer

The Writer views the act of writing as a process and not a product. No work of fiction or non-fiction is perfect. It is only “good” up to a certain degree, but never an absolute.

The Writer knows her subject matter and does not imply facts or distort the medium without purpose, especially when it might result in something that can only be appreciated at surface value.

The Writer takes pride in her work because it is an extent of herself and makes sure that her work is not shallow. She is not perfect and does not try to be.

The Writer works in the spirit of genuinely approaching a subject and does not dwell in the quantity of readers she might have. To venture is the true meaning of writing, and it is not only a medium by which to capture the attention of others.

The Writer does not need to be reminded of the importance of writing and being read, but one reader is as relevant as a hundred, and the quantity is irrelevant to the quality of her work.

The Writer travels a multilayered path; one layer of grammar, another of creation, and the aftereffects of exposing this to the world. She’s a sculptor of both the brick and the building.

The Writer is never persuaded by the impulsive or biased opinions of the reader, unless substantiated and constructive. A “good job” is as relevant as a casual greeting, and not a motive to stop striving for more.

The Writer is there to write, with or without the intention to publish. She deals with writing as a vocation; a calling.

The writer

The writer draws from trending material, whether it is or not of any importance, and incorporates this into her work, making it appealing to the general public.

The writer fishes with dynamite. There is no narrowing of her focus into essential matters. The more universal, the more connections, the better.

The writer is mostly concerned about quantity. Writing is viewed as a product and not an ongoing transformation, fun is just enough.

The writer will reach for standards that are just enough to get by. Good orthography, good work!

The writer will not only make her work profitable and accessible, she will also make her persona profitable and accessible.

The writer does not mind if her work is bound to pre-established conventions that take away from the genuine writing experience that impact the masses.

The writer does not concern herself with leading her readers through uncharted lands, but rather enjoys the idea of belonging to the masses that mystify her person. Therefore, she will strive to join the reader’s world.

The Writer is intrinsically motivated and the writer is extrinsically motivated. One is a vocation, the other, a hobby. And, of course, this might not be a completely accurate account, and I assure you, my intentions are not set on demonizing a type or implying that a great piece of literature should be heavily existential and entirely devoid of fun. The purpose of this discussion is to shed light on a reality that, even if obscured by the degree of saturation we encounter in the writing community, is there chipping away at the true value of the Word. This is why I implore you to question these traits and separate the Writers from the writers. And ask yourself, what is really behind my reading and writing?




Nashali Galarza

Inter SG '20

Hello there, My name is Nashali Galarza and I'm in an English Major. I love reading and the art of writing. Being the Editor-In-Chief of Her Campus Inter SG was an important project for me which requires a lot of energy and dedication. I have published my first poetry book in December 2017 and will publishing the second one in October 2019. Also I am always looking for new writing adventures.♥