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Why You Should Think Twice About How You’re Spending or Planning to Spend Your Money

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Inter SG chapter.

It’s been said that money does not buy happiness. Yet, it is something we all lack and need. Being in college, you see and hear how much students suffer financially. However, there is always those who are talking about how they need money for a new phone, expensive clothes and a lot of crap that is not an actual necessity. So, it got me thinking; why are many people always talking about needing this and that instead of thinking about what is really a necessity and not a luxury. 

When you are a college student, prioritizing what you spend your money on is important. There are so many reasons why we need to be financially smart. Our future stability depends on our financial approaches when in college. Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand the whole dreaming about having that new phone, that Gucci backpack, those new shoes; but those are not things you need to live. 

That is why, as young adults, we should start organizing and making lists of our expenses. In some occasions we will need to pay one bill and not the other, but you are still being financially smart. It is when you are ignoring your bills to buy a new pair of shoes that you are not prioritizing and being financially smart. 

Every now and then, after working long hours, earning minimum wage and taking more than 12 credits during the semester, you deserve to spoil yourself. Regardless, picking on what and accommodating how you’ll make it happen must be a priority. Pick something that means something to you and can be useful. Reckless spending can feel good for a few minutes, but once reality hits you’ll be left broke. Do not go and buy something that you will use a week and forget about it. For example, instead of buying something material, find something you’ll enjoy more like a mini vacation or spa day. It is way more satisfying to spend time relaxing than getting an expensive item that you’ll use once or twice. 

The idea is that we start thinking about what we need before we get what we want. Because even though life is short and we should spoil ourselves, it must be in a smart way. Think about the future, try to save money for any emergency and look for financial advice. I know we are throne into adulthood without knowing a lot about money. Maybe reckless spending is how we learn, but it shouldn’t be. I believe that if you take time to think before spending money, you will make the right decision. But at the end, Material things are not everything, pick a necessity before you go for the luxury. That way in the future, you wont have too much to regret. 


Hi! My name is Nacelyn and I'm majoring in political science. I joined the HC Inter SG chapter about two years ago and have since continued to develop my writing skills. My writing interests include politics and social issues, among other things. Besides writing, I currently serve as co-correspondent for the chapter.