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Why Grandparents Are So Valuable in our Lives?

Since the day we born, they fell in love with our little hands and since that moment they swear to protect us with all their lives. They started to teach us some valuable life lessons and gave us their unconditional love. This kind of people we love to call them our grandparents. Grandparents are essential in our lives because they become the greatest teachers and our biggest fans of every success and accomplishments. According to Moana’s grandma Tala: “there’s nowhere you could go that I won’t be with you”. For our grandparents, we are greatest proud in their lives and we become their reason to love more than their lives. As we are growing, we learned the value of family and start to listen the life lessons of our “Abuelos”. Also, we enjoyed listen to their stories and start to learn how to cook using the family recipes. When we become adults, we start to take care of them as they do when we were babies.


For me, my grandparents are very important in my life because they become my second parents. My “abuelo Justo” taught me how to follow my dreams and how to be a fighter because there’s not space for quitters; thanks to that I become a stronger woman. He also gave me one of the life lessons I cherish with all my heart “Fall in love with a good man that can inspire you to become better”. My “abuela Cleofe” my guardian angel, she taught me to love my family and to protect the nature. And finally, my “abuela Sol” taught me to cook with love and always “echarle la bendición” to the food. She’s my favorite advisor and my biggest fan of all my success. She also taught me to pray and go to church, the value of the family and most important, to appreciate the nature. “Abuela Sol” for me is my example of what is a phenomenal woman, because she’s the matriarch of my family, her friends love her compassion to others not matter their beliefs, she loves to preach in her religious group, and loves to keep pretty the garden. “Abuela” and I, we looked alike because we have the same eye color and cheekbones; some people say that I’m the youngest version of my grandma and that’s why we are so united.


In conclusion, we should keep caring to our grandparents and enjoy every moment with them, because we never know when it’s their last moment in the planet or when it’s the moment that some of our grandparents are going to remember who we are. In my case, my grandfather has Alzheimer and since that moment he was diagnosed with that condition, I was so sad and hopeless, but then I remember his life lessons of being a fighter and I start to recover myself because my family needs my support and we start to take care of my grandparents. Every time I visit my grandparents, I spend time with my grandpa and help my grandma in the kitchen. We need to love more our grandparents and cherish every moment with them; thanks to them we are the greatest people of this world. Don’t forget to call your grandparents and tell them how grateful you are for their lessons; but, if you lost them, be thankful for all the beautiful moments they gave you.


Crystal Ufret is currently a Masters Degree student of the Professional Counseling program. She's a sorority girl of the Nu Delta Sigma and a brother of the National Fraternity of Service Alpha Phi Omega. Also, she's a member of the Lions Club International and the Junior Chamber International (Puerto Rico). Her favorite authors are Esmeralda Santiago, Paulo Coelho and Maya Angelou. She enjoys cooking, traveling and doing handmade jewelry. 
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