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“Regreso a Casa: Exalumno Emprende”: The Alumni Association Event

On Saturday, November 16, 2019, the San Germán chapter of the Poly-Inter Alumni Association celebrated their annual event called “Regreso a Casa” where all the alumni from our campus came to a gathering to  spend time with some of the members and remember their college years while  they shared their experiences with the recent graduates. The event was crowded with some of our alumni and people from the nearby community. The objective  of this year’s event was to educate the alumni with a workshop called “Finance Alternatives for business starters” which was offered by Mrs. Aymet Medina, the manager of the Cabo Rojo Cooperative. This was done with the purpose of educating the participants about the many options of loans and special programs to encourage people to start or evolve their businesses. The workshop was very informative and helpful for some of the participants, because most of them already have plans to start or maintain their own businesses. During the short recess, the members spoke with some of the alumni about their experiences in their college years and some of them exchanged their business cards, promoting their company or their professional services. 

In the second part of the event, there was  a panel called “Historias de Éxito de Nuestros Egresados”, where three of the alumni shared their experiences as entrepreneurs. The speakers asked the audience how they started their businesses, the story behind their company name, and how their company evolves through the years. Also, they shared how classes helped encourage them to create their business and how the hard times as a business owner helped them to keep fighting for their professional goals. The audience had the chance to ask them a few questions if they were planning to promote their company in the United States; which they said it’s part of their long term goals. In the end, the speakers asked them how the public can contact their company, and some of them shared their social media pages.You can watch this part of the event here.

This event was the perfect moment to not only remember the amazing and memorable college years and  connect with future colleagues; it served as a chance to keep learning and encourage the new generation of graduates to start accomplishing their professional goals. 


Crystal Ufret is currently a Masters Degree student of the Professional Counseling program. She's a sorority girl of the Nu Delta Sigma and a brother of the National Fraternity of Service Alpha Phi Omega. Also, she's a member of the Lions Club International and the Junior Chamber International (Puerto Rico). Her favorite authors are Esmeralda Santiago, Paulo Coelho and Maya Angelou. She enjoys cooking, traveling and doing handmade jewelry. 
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