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Reasons to Eat Chocolate

CHOCOLATE a word most women love. It is known that women oftentimes crave and eat big amounts of chocolate. Why? Many people ask. Well, simply put because chocolate is life. We eat chocolate every day. It is consumed all over the world, but do we know its effects on women? Different studies have proven that we can all benefit from this amazing treat. Listen up ladies because now we have an excuse so we can enjoy our chocolate cravings.  

Chocolate comes from the cocoa bean. It goes through many different processes before it can actually become the chocolate we all love. What most people don’t know is that chocolate can actually benefit you, but there’s a catch. There are many studies that show and prove how chocolate can benefit us. Not just women benefit from eating this delicious treat; men, children and everyone else can benefit too. The chocolate that can benefit your body is dark chocolate, not milk chocolate or white chocolate. In different studies chocolate has shown to trigger the release of endorphins and help people feel calm.  It reduces stress levels, helps lower blood pressure and more. The studies show that, for women, chocolate has many benefits including weight loss; this happens because dark chocolate is far more filling, and offers more of a feeling of satiety than its lighter-colored sibling. Other studies show that dark chocolate may prevent pregnancy complications.

Although there are studies that have proven that chocolate can benefit us, they do not go without warning us about the levels of consumption. I know we all love stuffing our faces with this wonderful treat, but it is important to know that we have to have limits. We can eat dark chocolate to improve are health but in moderate portions. It is not something we should abuse of because then it may cause us harm. Now that we all  know some of the benefits of eating dark chocolate, we can enjoy chocolate more often and help other chocolate lovers learn the benefits this delicious treat can bring us.

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