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If You Didn’t Know This Already, You Should Be Drinking More Water:

I know, it is such a cliché thing to hear, but there is a reason for why you have been hearing this basically your whole life. There are a gazillion reasons why you should be drinking water, and if you already are, maybe drink some more. I am an avid water-drinker. It is my favorite drink (followed by coffee, of course). The more water I drink in a day, the better I feel, and there is actual proof that this is true. From helping you lose weight to making you feel better, there is really no way you can refute that there should be more water intake in your daily routine.

Here is a list of a few reasons why:


1. Focus!

Drinking water can help you concentrate and stay alert. So before starting on a project or arriving to take a test, consider taking a big sip of water. 

2. Weight loss:

When drinking water consistently throughout the day, it can help you promote weight loss. It speeds up your metabolism, reduces hunger by making you feel fuller, and it has zero calories!


3. Toxins:

Drinking plenty of water will make you pee more, and the more you pee the more toxins are flushed out of your system and your body. It is the most natural way to cleanse.


4. Better mood:

Being hydrated and having your body work at it’s best capacity literally makes you feel good.


5. Glowing skin:

The secret to clearer and glower skin is drinking tons of water. It helps your skin stay clear and fresh and with glow and it is helpful to fight against wrinkles. There is no better moisturizer than drinking water. Trust me, it is a thing. 

6. Cramps:

When your body is getting enough water, your muscles and joints will more likely not cramp up, due to that most cramping happens because of dehydration.


7. Constipation:

If you suffer from constipation from time to time (no need to feel ashamed, we all go through it occasionally) then drinking water can totally help with that. When you drink more water, it adds more fluids to the colon, which well, you know, makes for a smoother disposal, if you know what I mean. 

8. Headaches:

Being dehydrated is mostly what causes headaches and sometimes even migraines. So, sipping some water can be a natural remedy to relieve your headache (and prevent them too!).


9. Brain function:

Apparently, there was a study in London (https://www.uel.ac.uk/news) found that students that brought water with them to take the test is linked to them getting better grades. This is suggested because water can help you think more clearly.


10. FREE!

Water is virtually everywhere, and if you bring your reusable water bottle with you everywhere (like myself) then you can potentially get a free drink anywhere. Even if you must buy a water bottle, it is still significantly cheaper then getting some soda or juice which are truly not good for you at all. So, try to invest in a reusable water bottle, and voila! Free drinks forever!


Hopefully these reasons inspire you to take a healthier route in your life and start drinking more water.

Stay hydrated!



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