How Has Life Changed On Campus After Maria?

A month ago, we were hit by a natural disaster named Maria. Because of this, we were not able to attend classes. Our campus was in no condition to begin classes for three weeks. There were so many trees and electrical towers down that all entrances were blocked. Thankfully, many workers, teachers, administration personnel, and students came to help clean and prepare our school. But this doesn’t make life on campus go back to normal just yet.

Classes started again on October 16.. That first day back was, for lack of better word, CRAZY. Even though campus was mostly clean, there were still pieces of trees on parking lots and this made students have a hard time finding a parking space. The Inter American University of Puerto Rico, San German campus has only had the power partially restored. Vending machines were not working and on the first day not even the air conditioners were working. The library was damaged too and it cannot open for now, it will remain closed until next semester. All those favorite hangout spots that students loved, were also destroyed. Those beautiful trees, that would protect us from the sun, are now gone.

There is one thing I’ve noticed around campus thanks to Hurricane Maria. You can tell professors and students are more understanding and kind towards each other. It’s not hard to notice more conversations going on and support being offered. Puerto Ricans are known for staying together when our world is falling apart and no disaster can change that.

The student life on campus won’t be the same for a long time. Our semester is still going and if it’s one thing I know for sure — we will get back up.