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Everyone Needs to Watch Gilmore Girls and One Day At a Time

In honor of international women’s week, I want to tell you about two amazing TV shows with incredible female leads. One thing I admire the most about women is when they raise their kids as single mothers. These two shows represent the power of singles mothers doing everything they can, for their kids to have the best life, and the challenges of motherhood. 


Gilmore Girls is all about Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter Rory Gilmore. Lorelai had her daughter at a very young age and had to escape her parents’ house. Her parents were rich and wanted to make all the decisions for her, so she decided to run away with her daughter. They moved to a town named Stars Hollow, where she worked hard and raised her little girl. Just the two of them and a bunch of dreams. Lorelai wanted the best for Rory and she made sure that was what she got. The best part is that she worked hard at an inn, starting as a maid and then all the way to manager. Her dream was to open her own Inn and eventually she did.  Lorelai never gave up and she always found a way to make things happen. Rory was the smartest girl and made everyone proud, there’s no doubt that Lorelai was an incredible mother whom her daughter admired, and so do I. 

Now on One Day A Time, you have a newly single army veteran and her Cuban-American family whom together fight through the ups and downs of life. Penelope lives in California with her mother, daughter and son. After serving the army, she becomes a nurse at a doctor’s office. This show not only represents a single mother but also diversity, PTSD and depression. Penelope has her mother helping her, which is another incredible female character we can all look up to.

On both shows, Lorelai and Penelope deal with a lot of issues, but they never let their kids suffer. Both shows represent how hard it can be to be a woman with a job, a house, bills and kids to raise.

Here’s to amazing female characters and all the amazing women around us. Happy International Women’s week. Celebrate watching Gilmore Girls and One Day At A Time.




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