The Beauty of Tattoos And Everything You Need To Know Before Getting One

Opinions concerning tattoos are pretty much divided nowadays, ranging from total hate to addiction. As a person with plenty of ink in her skin, I can surely say that I’ve gotten many heartfelt compliments, but I’ve gotten my share of hate as well. Hate towards tattoos stems from the old thinking that only Mafiosi, criminals, and prostitutes would get tattoos, and “decent” people would leave their skin clean and “untainted”. As if that wasn’t enough, women often get the worst of it because a woman with tattoos instantly loses her purity and femininity in the eyes of people who share this ignorant mindset. Luckily for us, with the passing of time comes the acceptance of many things that were often looked down upon. Although some people still have these regards about tattoos, body ink is now linked to lack of professionalism, which is in turn indirectly linked with the whole “decent people don’t get tattoos” mindset, but as more young people begin to embrace tattoos, the whole concept has started to be accepted by society as one of many new trends.  Image credit.

If you’d like to get some ink on your skin, you should take into consideration the pros and cons of this big step. The first thing someone hears when they tell a person they want to get a tattoo, is “are you sure? That’s permanent”. Permanent is the word that will most likely scare someone away from getting a tattoo, but it shouldn’t be that way. First off, the golden rule about getting a tattoo is to never get your significant other’s face or name tattooed on you. We know what it feels like to be head over heels for someone and think they’re the love of your life; we also know how that tends to end. You do not want a constant reminder of the person who hurt you for the rest of your life. The second thing you have to do is ask yourself: does the tattoo you want have a deep meaning, is it very significant to you? Or is it purely for aesthetic purposes? If your answer inclines towards the latter, be careful with the design you choose and the placement. I’m sure you won’t be too happy about that infinity symbol with the live laugh love phrase you got with the friends you don’t talk to anymore after a wild night out. 

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Tattoo artists often don’t get the credit they deserve, and they’re often shamed and prejudiced for their profession by narrow minded individuals who believe art is not enough to live by. If you’re really passionate about getting inked, it’s extremely important for you to understand that a good artist won’t come cheap. The materials required to tattoo, a safe and clean space, and the artist’s time, effort and skill are essentially what you’re paying for. Don’t expect an artist to give you a cheap price if you want something big and elaborate; it’s disrespectful to them as professionals and artists in general. It is important to be clear on the design you want and the type of tattoo you want because not all artists specialize in every single type of tattoo. Tattoos can go from very delicate lines to Japanese designs to tribal, watercolor, and the iconic traditional style, and not every artist’s forte lies in all of these; to not offend the artist and avoid hating your tattoo, make sure you are clear on what you want and that you have the necessary amount of money to pay for it. After all, it is permanent and the choice of proudly showing a badass design or hiding your skin in shame is completely up to you!                     

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For many people, including myself, tattoos are one of the many ways in which art can manifest itself. Tattoos are not only beautiful and artistic, they’re also a very permanent way to carry art with you wherever you go. As many other types of self-expression, getting tattooed is a bold yet brave way of sharing something about yourself with the world, and just like anything else, it has its pros and its cons. If you’re concerned about job offers or your image in your future profession, the best advice would be not to get inked in a noticeable place like your arms and hands. I have nine noticeable tattoos and have had complete strangers talk to me just to give me a sweet compliment, but I’ve also lost job offers, and have heard people making very nasty comments. This could be very painful if you’re not prepared for that kind of backlash or if you’re worried about your job; but that’s the price of beauty, isn’t it?