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Why Noodles & Co. are a Gluten-Free Gals Best Friend

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Indy chapter.

Do you need a place near campus that you can count on to always get your order correct even if you have food allergies? I have the perfect place and it’s less than fifteen minutes away from the University of Indianapolis campus. I am gluten-free and one place I go often to get food is Noodles & Co. Noodles & Co is very well organized when it comes to ordering food from there because as someone who is gluten free, the fear of restaurants mixing up their gluten free dishes with their gluten dishes or cross-contaminating is very real. Luckily, the experiences that I have had at Noodles & Co. have been incredibly positive and there has never been an issue with anyone mixing gluten items with gluten-free items at the location that I go to. 

I always get gluten-free mac and cheese and it has never disappointed me. It comes super cheesy and hot! If you’re craving one single type of pasta, then you can order it as gluten free. They also have other kinds of noodles if you are interested. They have zucchini noodles and if you are vegan or vegetarian. They also have impossible pastas too. They also have gluten free sauces including gluten free cheese sauce and their tomato sauce are the best options for fellow gluten-free gals.  I tend to get the normal gluten-free mac and cheese with a side of gluten-free mac and cheese as well.

I tend to order online and go to the store to pick it up, I then head back to my dorm so I can enjoy it with all of my friends in the comfort of my own bed or lounging chair. Noodles & Co is not that expensive as well. It is appropriately priced for the amount of food you get. Typically,  gluten free meals at restaurants can be overpriced, but at Noodles & Co., their meals are around $8.25 for a regular sized bowl of gluten free mac and cheese. If this seems like a lot, it really isn’t, because a regular bowl of normal mac and cheese is around $7.25. They also have a rewards program and if you have enough points, you can get all kinds of free things. Who doesn’t love something for free? My favorite thing about Noodles & Co. mac and cheese is that it doesn’t taste like it would be gluten-free as well. Gluten free items can often be a strange experience, and not in a good way. However, the noodles at the Noodles & Company aren’t grainy, mushy, do not fall apart in your mouth, and don’t leave a bad aftertaste. I think that it tastes just like normal noodles, except that they are gluten-free. 

Hi my name is Leah and this is my second year in Her Campus.