Being a resident of an over crowded tourism area would be frustrating. Everything would take much longer such as driving, waiting in line, and getting a taxi. Instead of waiting in line at the store for 5 minutes, the wait may be 20 minutes or more. A typical day would take much more time which means getting less done . If I was a resident in a place where my daily life had to change drastically because of tourism, I would most likely move to a more private city or town. There’s other risks with over crowding such as pollution and diseases. A lot of places in the local communities do benefit from tourism. Tourist go to Hawaii for the beaches which include the sea animals. In order to keep the beaches beautiful and attractive people have to keep them clean. Local restaurants are basically dependent on tourism, but tourism is now negatively affecting the workers. Without workers, the restaurant wouldn't be running. Tourism in increasing the cost of living in a lot of areas which makes it hard for workers to stay there. Workers are unable to be with their family because family members can’t afford to live there. The local community wants tourism to continue only if it’s the right. amount and the right kind. A steady amount of tourism is beneficial to locals but too much impacts everyone negatively. For example. Hawaii is limiting the number of cruise ships allowed in a day. Another country is also banning large groups of tourists so that the area is controlled. Of course there are negatives and positives to tourism but just like everything else, it requires balance.