Local Artist: Joshua Brown

For former US Navy sailor, Joshua Brown, he has always been fascinated with video and audio production. When he left the Navy, he went to IUPUI and received two degrees in Associates of Visual Communications and Bachelor of Media Arts and Sciences focused in Video Production and Audio Design. Now, he is the CEO and Director of Capturing Engagements L.L.C.

“This life experience was also enough for me to go out on my own and create a new business upon graduation,” Brown said. “Capturing Engagements is more than just a video production company. It was designed to capture the whole engagement. From understanding how to coach a high school student who needs their photos taken to supporting a new bride in her most important day.” 

Capturing Engagements is a photography and videography company located on the southside of Indianapolis. They do various events including High School photos and videos, Weddings, and several other events. Currently, they only offer service in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, and Kentucky. As for pricing, Brown charges roughly $75 an hour, but pricing does vary in terms of videos. For photography, a bundle of 50 photos is $150, or $3 for an individual photo. 

To get in touch with Capturing Engagements, you can visit their website https://www.CapturingEngagements.com. You can also email [email protected] or call 317-490-7493 to schedule an event. 

 I hold this profession as a hobby and a career,” Brown said. “My true life’s passion is to help others improve theirs. I see this as another opportunity to serve others as I did for twenty years in the military. This time, instead of my actions do not lead to the destruction of anything, it lends itself to the continuing preservation of families.”