Local Artist: Avery Shingleton

Avery Shingleton is a local artist located on the south-side of Indianapolis.  She is currently a freshman at the University of Indianapolis and studying Visual Communication Design. Shingleton is in an incredibly unique part of the art industry of shoe customs and one of the only local businesses around. She got her business, AS Customs, started around three years ago. When asked why she started, she said: “I have always enjoyed art and shoes, so I just put the two together.” Since then it has become a passion of hers and a way to share her art with the community. 

  Photo by: Gage Eastridge - Insta: @east_photoz

Shingleton takes orders for customs and bases her art for the shoes off them. These amazing customs are made through an intricate design process, she was quoted saying, “Depending on the custom design the time that I spend making the shoes can be anywhere from a day to two weeks. Everything that I do is hand-painted with paints that are specifically for shoes I use the brand, “Angelus Shoe Paint.” Avery also said “My customs are done to order. They are not limited to the customs I have already done. People come to me with ideas that they want, and I can make their ideas come to life.” Shingleton's’ pricing is quite reasonable for her fantastic handwork, her work ranges from $30-$130. Avery said, “My pieces can sometimes be pricey but it's because of the quality and time spent on my work, plus they’re custom so no one else will have your shoes. Another factor is if the shoe is cloth or leather. However, I do try to price my pieces at the lowest that I can!” 

  Photo by: Gabe Eastridge - Insta: @east_photoz

Shingleton hopes to expand her business and would love to potentially make it into a full-time business in the future. Shingleton said, “At the moment I would like to have this as a permanent side job, I am currently working on making an Etsy account and an account on Facebook Marketplace. I do already have an Instagram account which is where I typically get my orders from.” Avery is currently taking orders through DMs on her Instagram page @a.s.customs_ or by phone (317) 918-3681. However, you should be on the lookout for her up and coming Facebook Marketplace page and Etsy!

         Photo by: Avery Shingleton