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Lights, Camera, and Action in Indianapolis!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Indy chapter.

Thriving in the heart of Indiana is the city of Indianapolis, the most populated city in the state. Over the years, it has grown to be a major hot spot for entertainment, transportation, and job opportunities. Many well-known performers were born in Indiana. Musicians like Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, David Lee Roth, Adam Lambert, and actors like James Dean and Brendan Fraser, made it to stardom and are big names in the business, so it is no surprise the state would draw a lot of attention for live music and filming. Many bands and comedians have placed Indianapolis in their tour list, and the popular Netflix show, Stranger Things, takes place in a fictional town in Indiana. While many of us Hoosiers joke about Indiana as a state known for its fields of corn and roads of potholes, we actually have some great entertainment opportunities available to us. For those interested in music and film, you do not have to necessarily move out of state to start building your career in show biz!

Students at the University of Indianapolis can start getting involved in the entertainment world by participating in shows, joining in music ensembles, and attending some of the theatre productions on campus. Whether you are majoring in the arts or simply love performing as a hobby, connecting with other entertainers will help you make lasting relationships that can increase your network and allow you to support and gain support from others like yourself. There are also organizations on campus that can give you the skills and friendships that will be beneficial later in life, such as the UIndy Film Club. You can dabble in all areas of the film field: writing, acting, filming, directing, and editing! One of the biggest opportunities for filmmakers to get their work out there in Indianapolis is Indy Film Fest’s involvement in the 48 Hour Film Project. The winning film goes up against others around the world at the film festival, Filmapalooza. Besides the great bonding experience with your team, everyone involved gets to see a screening of all of the films created for the contest at a local movie theater. If 48 hours feels a little bit too hectic for your taste, then there are plenty of other film contests in the area, for instance, the Heartland International Film Festival, which is hosted annually in Indianapolis. There are also several ways lovers of live theatre can get involved in the performing arts outside of campus activities. I go into more detail about the opportunities available in my article titled, “Shining a Spotlight on the Performing Arts in Indianapolis.”

Content creators and performers come from all over the world. If you can’t immediately pack up your bags and move to a large city like Los Angeles, California to make your name big in Hollywood or New York City to jump into the world of Broadway, there’s no reason to doubt your success in a smaller but growing city. Remember, everyone is on their own journey to achieve their dreams so do not compare your path to others. Keep your eyes on the lookout for events and shows happening in Indy, and, most importantly, do not give up! It’s a competitive field, but if you keep that passion alive, then there’s no stopping you from advancing in the entertainment industry.

I am a singer, writer, content creator, and a senior creative writing major and music minor attending the University of Indianapolis. I love expressing myself on the internet through performance, song, and fashion. You can follow my creative journey on social media as Sierrallstar! ⭐ Stars cannot shine without darkness ⭐